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Bishop Johnny Youngblood

The Right Rev. Dr. Johnny Ray Youngblood, newly consecrated to the office of Bishop (2020) by the will of God and at the hand of the Archbishop of The Union of Charismatic and Orthodox Churches – Bishop Emilio Alvarez, is the Executive Pastor and Spiritual Engineer at the Mount Pisgah Baptist Church, Brooklyn, New York. Prior to leading, guiding, molding, and directing the ministry of the Mount, Bishop Youngblood served for 35 years as Pastor of the St. Paul Community Baptist Church, paving a road in the wilderness in the East New York Community, which was considered an “Alcatraz” upon his arrival. His work at St. Paul and in the community transformed the “wilderness” into a thriving, prospering community empowering the people of East New York.

Through his fifty plus years in ministry, he has founded and established over thirty ministries for the development of congregants and all those within their reach. Willing to go boldly, propel the church where it has not gone before, he has innovatively led the way in ministry; in particular, his development of an intentional ministry to black men, propagating the centrality of The Eucharist, as well as connecting Christ to Culture through ministry and drama. He is renowned for his ministry of healing mind, body, and soul, specifically in the work he has done as the “Father of the MAAFA,” now in its 28th year.

His newest endeavor as part of his spiritual formation as Bishop is The Diocese of the Resurrected One, of the Union of Charismatic and Orthodox Churches where Archbishop Emilio Alvarez is the Chief Prelate is pregnant with promise, potential and possibilities. The best is yet to come.