The UCOC’s History

On July 31, 2019, at the Watson Homestead Retreat Site, located in Painted Post New York; at or about 8:30 p.m.; several like-minded Bishops, Priests, and Deacons gathered in a meeting in order to discuss the development of a Union that would reflect the Recovery of the Great Tradition and the Renewal of the Contemporary Church within a Pentecostal/Charismatic context.  It was agreed that the Union would follow the Cyprian Model and would be governed through consensus under Canon Law.  This Union would be known as:  The Union of Charismatic Orthodox Churches Churches (UCOC).

Bishop Emilio Alvarez was unanimously approved to be the Interim Acting Presiding Primate until the Union would meet for its first synod.  It was further recommended that Bishop Ronnie Eggleston be considered as the General Secretary.  Boards and councils were discussed to also be ratified at the synod to be held in October 2020.

On October 20 through October 23, 2020, the first synod was held in Rochester, New York at: The Cathedral at The Gathering Place.  On the evening of October 20, 2020, Bishop Emilio Alvarez was elected to lead the Union as Primate.  Over the course of the following days,  The Diocese of Christ the King, The Diocese of the Holy Spirit, and The Diocese of The Resurrected One were all ratified with The Diocese of Christ The King established as the Headquarters located at: The Cathedral at The Gathering Place, 175 St. Bridgets Drive; Rochester, New York.  Also ratified was the establishment of the Board of Bishops, the House of Clergy, Bishop Ronnie Eggleston was endorsed as the General Secretary, and the Archbishop’s Counsel was formed.  It was agreed that the Union would have annual Holy Convocations and bi-annual Synods with the first convocation to be held in July of 2021.

The first Convocation of the UCOC,  July 20 to 24, 2021, was held at The Cathedral at The Gathering Place.  During the early morning mass of July 22, 2021, Tabitha Perez was elevated as Archdeacon of the UCOC, and Joshua Cole as the Protopresbyter of the UCOC.  On July 23, 2021, in a service held at 7:00 p.m. of this first Convocation, Emilio Alvarez was installed as Archbishop and Primate.

We thank God for His grace and pray for His guidance as we embark on this sacred work.